UX Design
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Virtual Fitting Room


An AR app that automatically determines size and clothing fit so people can easily find clothes that fit them online. 


It's difficult to figure out clothing measurements in person and online. What if there was a way to quickly identify what your size and shop for clothes that fit in different brands without any extra research or trips to the store?


Key Pain Points:

  • Hard to figure out size especially when it changes
  • Time consuming to research what the true size of different clothing brands is
  • Impossible to know how clothes will look on your body without going to the store


An AR app where users can:

  • Scan themselves with the camera to figure out clothing size
  • Shop for clothing that fits
  • Virtually try on clothes to see how it looks on 
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Research and Synthesis

  • User interviews
  • Industry research
  • Affinity mapping
  • User flows
  • Feature prioritization
  • Protoyping
  • Design

Design: prototype, Test, Reiterate

The process of designing the app followed a key cyclical process:

  • Ideate
  • Prioritize features
  • Create wireframes
  • Test functionality with users
  • Improve app to resolve issues
  • Raise fidelity
  • Repeat
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