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Tag.bio Website Redesign

Tag.bio Website Redesign


Website redesign to showcase a new data analytics platform for healthcare and life science research

What is Tag.bio?

Today, roughly 30% of the world’s data resides in the healthcare industry, but less than 10% of data scientists work in that field. Tag.bio is an agile data analytics platform that is used in the medical and life science research fields that seeks to make data analytics more accessible. Tag.bio is in the startup incubator phase, and will be demo-ing their product to venture capitalist for the next round of funding this September 


Project Brief

  • A revamped aesthetic, brighter, and suited for the healthcare industry

  • Intriguing to users, but without too much technical detail

  • Attractive to investors and future employees


User Problem

Tag.bio’s current website doesn’t:

  • Clearly represent Tag.bio’s strengths
  • Contextualize Tag.bio within the healthcare industry
  • Differentiate Tag.bio from competitors


Key Pain Points

  • Complex language and branded terms
  • Overall absence of healthcare feel
  • Doesn't convey the company’s mission and culture
                                               Current State Kindle App

                                               Current State Kindle App



A website re-design that highlights Tag.bio’s distinguishing features with: 

  • Simple language
  • A “Press” and “About” page
  • Case  studies
  • Healthcare-specific content


Customer Stories.png


  • Designed in a team
  • Collaborative on all levels
  • Converge diverge approach
  • Used heat mapping techniques to determine  the best course of action and most effective design approach
  • Communicated and collaborated with stakeholders


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  • User Research
    • User Interviews
    • Usability Testing
  • Industry Research
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Technology Trends
    • Industry Trends
      • Medicine and Life Science
      • Data Analytics


  • Affinity mapping
  • Identify personas
  • User flow
  • User journey
competative analysis.png

Design: prototype, Test, Iterate

The process of designing the app followed a key cyclical process:

  • Ideate
  • Prioritize features
  • Create wireframes
  • Test functionality with users
  • Improve website to resolve issues
  • Raise fidelity
  • Repeat
process cycle.png


A new redesigned website that

  • Clearly represent Tag.bio’s strengths
  • Contextualizes Tag.bio within the healthcare industry
  • Differentiates the company from competitors

"We were pleased to move so quickly to a finished product we are all proud of." -Mark Mooney VP of Customer at Tag.bio


Try out the InVision prototype