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Kindle Social

Kindle Social App


Read a book, share your favorite passages, meet like minded readers, and discover great new reads.


Project Brief

User Problem: Amazon wants to increase customer engagement by introducing a social aspect to the Kindle reading experience.


User Problem

Users need a more social way to read books and find new books.


Key Pain Points

  • Users want more ways to share about books but cant post on current app
  • People want to join a book community online but don't read ebooks
  • People want to find books and read recommendations but don't trust 1-5 star reviews from the general public
  • People want the book itself to be more interactive


                                               Current State Kindle App

                                               Current State Kindle App


A new and improved social media section of the app and an edited navigation to accommodate it.

Key New Features:

  • Share text, photo, quote, review, and progress posts
  • User generated tagging and tag search
  • Integrated search of authors, social profiles, tags, and purchasable books
  • Annotations and sharing options within book pages
  • Live read-a-longs with friends and influencers


kindle share.gif


  • Designed in a team
  • Design was collaborative on all levels
  • Converge diverge approach to ensure everyone was onboard with design and direction
  • Individual focus on different features


  • UX researcher
  • UI designer
  • Interaction designer
  • Focus on sharing and tagging features


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  • Conduct user interviews and surveys
  • Analyze competitors and industry trends


  • Affinity mapping
    • Identify important themes and pain points from users
    • Identify areas to improve existing app
  • Identify personas
    • Determine target demographics and their needs
    • Identify a primary persona. 
  • User flow
    • Map out how users interact with the app and how users could interact with a new app

Design: prototype, Test, Reiterate

The process of designing the app followed a key cyclical process:

  • Ideate
    • generate ideas about potential new features and how they could be implemented
  • Prioritize features
    • determine which features are part of a necessary baseline functionality for the app
    • determine which new innovative features are feasible for creation
    • identify which key features are implementable and essential to define what the minimum viable product is
  • Create wireframes
  • Test functionality with users
  • Improve app to resolve issues
  • Raise fidelity
  • Repeat
process cycle.png


  • A redesigned application that increases the ways users could interact with the app socially
  • Responded to user needs
  • Identified key features needed for social 
  • Identified delights and elements of existing app to keep
  • Gained a deeper understanding of symbols and how users discover and understand them


Try out the invision prototype